Philz Coffee Reviews

Reviews for various Philz Coffee blends.

So, if you know me (and I assume you might if you’ve found your way here), you know I don’t like coffee.

Actually, scratch that. I hate coffee.

But I love Philz Coffee.

“Why?” Good question, I’ll tell you. Firstly, they make each cup individually to your specifications. Secondly, no weirdo syrups and such. If you want mint, you get mint leaves. You want cinnamon? Cinnamon powder. Etc.

So, ya, pretty much delicious.

Now, I’m in the process of trying every single coffee there in it’s default form (IE: With medium cream and sugar), so here’s what I’ve tried so far and what I think.

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

Light Roast



I’ll be updating this review as I taste them all. In the meantime, mmm…delicious Philz Coffee…

Update: Done! All flavors tasted, ’twas delicious. Now I just need to go back and have my Mocha Tesora again.

Update 2: Ok, I didn’t taste any of the non-Philz blends yet, I might do them later. Also, I tasted their new drink!

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