Alive, Mostly

Been a long time.

Well, been quite some time since I posted anything here. Honestly, I thought about taking it down, but then I took a look at the rest of my web-presence and uh…well, let’s just say social media isn’t what it used to be. So. Back to basics.

I’ve got some vague ideas about some posts to do in the future. I’ve been playing with PON stuff at home, been doing Home Assistant things, and trying to re-learn C programming. All of which could make for fun, or at least mildly interesting fodder for future things here.

At rate, this is a nice short post to ease back into it, and also make sure Hugo is up to date and working. Which, hey hey, it is! Nice. Hopefully see y’all again soon.

P.S. I really do plan to see if I can get a dumb guestbook working again. Hopefully. >:]