Adagio Tea Reviews

Reviews for the Adagio teas I've had.

Mars (10 out of 10) – Green Chai, Spiced Green, & Hojicha

More subtle than I would have expected given Mars personality, but the warm cinnamon and faint sweetness shines through true to the character. I’ll have to steep it longer next time to see if I can get a more fiery taste but I’ll hardly be disappointed if it’s the gentle warmth I got this time.

UPDATE: After additional steeping, it does indeed make the flavors stronger with no added bitterness. Wonderful!

Jupiter (9 out of 10) – Tiger Eye, Almond, & Rooibos Vanilla Chai

A lovely blend! To me, it had a lot in common with Mars, but where Mars was a little warmer and spicier, Jupiter felt brighter with just a little bit of zing. Added to the short list of teas I can steep forever without any bitterness issues.

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